Anyone still playing this ?


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Y'know I've tried to jump into it from time to time but I find the mechanics just too archaic now. I can get over the graphical shortcomings, but I fail to find a good enough reason to play this game. A real shame as I'm such a Tolkien nerd.


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good enough reason to play this game

It's free! 8) It runs on Windows and Mac so Talili and I can play together and it's a totally new universe/areas over other MMO's. We did try Panda's and while it all looks great and fun in the new areas we quickly found ourselves in the same old areas, I was surprised I couldn't even end up getting too excited about my gnome monk once I got out of the new starting area


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I play randomly so do the kids, like Tone, I've got it until 2070, the quick missions are good fun and monster play is a good laugh#