Back in the Game


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Ok after quite a hiatus, im back. D3 and RoS has got me going again :)

Just seen its been 8 years since I was last on this board - jeez, getting married and having kids seriously does have an impact on you.

Anyways - how does one go about getting an invite to D3 Guild these days?
And is there plenty people still playing?



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Liking RoS, slowly working my way through the campaign.

Question: I have some Immortal Kings set and am I right in thinking that it is rubbish compared to the 'new' versions in loot 2.0? I know you can find much better gear now, so was just wondering if it is better blown up and used for crafting once I find better.

Sold or blew up all my stash stuff, just the IM set my barb wears left.


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You'll probably end up replacing all, or certainly most, of your pre-expansion kit. I've kept a few items. The materials you get from scrapping level 60 items aren't that useful however so no need to rush into it :).

Hope to catch up with you on line.