Cheers Cull


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Your grump about DIII reminded me that I hadn't refreshed my DII chars for a while. Actually had a good wee blast with my Paladin :)

If there was a way to play DII in a decent res I would be equally bouncing between the two.


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I kinda like the old grainy graphics. Had another go at III yesterday but was bored within 5 minutes. I wish I could find something interesting in it, but its just not for me.


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My account got hacked and it took me five attempts to contact someone sensible at Blizzard to get it back. I played for an evening after that but there's no real spark there :(

I'm still playing in the Path of Exile beta, it's probably not for everyone but I enjoy it - the passive skill tree is insane!


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I swotted up about that Pif, unfortunately the res is tied into the area of your effect in the game. If you manage to up the res/screen size you end up seeing monsters before they 'see' you. Their world-view remains tied to the old res even if yours isn't.
I got a flat screen given to me ages ago and promtly punted it back and dragged my old monitor back (much to my other halfs disgust) because DII looked fecking awfull.
When he gave me his next hand-me-down flat screen and DIII came out I did a bit of rummaging and found out about the res thing. DII goes into a sort of window and I sit further back :)