D2R first impressions...


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Apart from the usual server crashes was quite fun to have a wee poke about. Did catch myself admiring the campfire in Act 1 (didn't finish act 1 cos I just fired up a single player game when I crashed out and did that for a while), was generally impressed at the detail. Big hairy gargantuans etc. Bit nippy having a 4 o'clock start but hey I took yesterday and today off so off I pop. Hopefully see you guys in clan games at some point.


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Loved the fact we got the Full Diablo Blizzard experience - server crashes, lag spikes and game down messages :) Just like going back in time!


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I really like how dark everything is, such a better experience than D3 cartoon. Also low drops makes it feel like you actually got something when they do drop.


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Still the same one in the password thing. I haven't killed anyone yet..give me a chance!
Managed to badger Phoenix for a game which was fun, apart from not being able to chat to him directly ingame :rolleyes:
How far have folk got? I have a sorc that is hunting for the right tomb and a 'zon that is about to going into the palace.
Am impressed how pretty things are and yeah I am paying attention to yellow stuff again which is nice, the drop rate does feel better. You get proper excitement when something decent.