Dark Souls xbox


Max Rincewind(eq)Caramon(wow)
I heard its more forgiving check point wise with camp fires but a harder game overall. If you do play it get the drake sword :)


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Reviews say it is quite old school....as in very unforgiving when u die.

It has checkpoints, but u lose all the collected orbs (or whatever u collect).

Described as very frustrating until you beat each boss, area etc.


Max Rincewind(eq)Caramon(wow)
Thats why people like this game, its beating the boss finally after it pummels you 15 times :). You lose your souls when you die but you can get them back, but if you die again before you reach them then you lose them.


Hernes Son
Had a quick go on sons, thought it looked very interesting so I got it! Alot of games make it virtually impossible to fail these days so looking to this as a breath of fresh air (hmm maybee that should have been blast from the past)