Diablo II life in the old dog yet


Hernes Son
Since I physically destroyed my Diablo III discs and I fancied a bit of the old barrel busting, been playing this old warhorse again. Enjoying it immensley, was chatting to a french bloke in game t'other night ( He wanted to know what the [CUK] stood for in my account name. I asked him why we kept coming back to this game to to which he replied

"Diablo is not a game - Diablo is love!". And where Diablo II is concerned, I have to agree with him.


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Nice one, I have lost my online chars but it took me a year or two after DIII came out and I have still got my offline char. It does feel a bit faster and 'cleaner' not so much clutter going on, though I haven't played a sorc for a while :)


Flacid Member
I've just about stopped playing d2 as I was really just refreshing my old chars and although they were pretty awesome I wasn't really playing them.

I do still miss some aspects. When will they bring rune words to D3 eh..? Oh, and proper crafting! Something better than the hellfire amulets/rings?



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Yeah, have to admit that the speed of DII is nice. Its just a shame that the mechanics of the game meant you couldn't scale up the res/window size.