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I should be able to get my old e-mail addy on the go again, if I can sort this out we shall revert to the e-mail list unless you prefer this way of doing things.

Comments are most welcome........


You stupid boy
On yer profile.. it says yer in preston.... Is this so? Preston is 10 mins drive from here


Hairier than thou
I shall be back in Preston about the 5th of January mate, I'll give you an SMS when I get back if you fancy a beer or nine ;)

Your number still the same?

Also above e-mail addy is kinda full at the moment with something stupid like 1200+ messages.......fraid it will take a little while to clear it out as I only have an old modem here. Sorry folks!


I prefer it this way tbh, much easier to keep track of whats happening and what order it happened in :)


Hairier than thou
Fair enough we shall stick like this then. Game will resume once everyone has replied to this so I know you are all watching.


ooh bugger i've changed email addresses recently and haven't updated yahoo - have I missed anything?


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I know I say this every time but I wouldn't mind joining in, as for the game can we have a bash at cuthulu ?


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Personally, I preferred the pbem list. On the other hand I don't check emails at all as often as I used to...

But even less in a couple days. You see, I'll be off to the military on the 13th, so I bet my activity will be minimal. But if I find the time I'll checkup every once in a while. :)

For the meantime..


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