Hardcore advice please!


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Thinking about starting solo hardcore on D3. Which character class has proven to be the best for this? Any ideas opinions are welcome


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I have absolutely no idea but maybe have a look at the hardcore season chars and see whats the most prevalent in the higher ranks?
I have never been brave enough to attempt hardcore, too much enthusiasm and not enough skill :)


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Just had a quick swatch at the seasonal greater rift (hardcore) rankings, crusader seems to have the most rank 85's at the top Wizard had 87,86 then 82's. So it would depend on how good you are with crusaders or wizzy.


Dead Again, I need a Rez
I started playing again, specifically hardcore seasonal.
I lost a monk at lvl 14, but am playing a crusader for the first time and its really fun up to lvl 37 now.
There are alot of skills that increase your health per second but im not using them, for some reason the drops have been really good from them i have
988 life per second,
933 life per hit, and
159 life per kill

Havent played for along time, i remember getting drops that were no good to my class, but i guess they changed all that with updates