Sorry all


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Well I'm now in a nice proper university, DAMN the OU!, and at the moment I do not have full access to my e-mail account that I use for the PBEM. This means that until such point as I get a cable into a switch and can use the university connections here I will not be able to post.

I will try and get this solved ASAP but I can not garuantee that it will happen very soon.

I'm estimating that this should be solved within the next couple of weeks but I simply can garuantee this chaps.

Thought you might want to know!.



l33t g1bb0n
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Get them to teach you to spell guarantee j00 longhaired st00dent hippy


w00t, new st00dent to bash :D


Hairier than thou
F00k j00 Ch1mp!

Hey so I can't spell, so what!. I was very tired and in one hell of a rush at the time, at-least I managed to get the message across.

Or I can perhaps take solace in that it was easier to read than one of Cuths posts! :p