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Dito I have renewed Chimps Championship, anyone not in the access code is 195799-51312



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slapped together some bods but if last year was anythng to go by ill get bored a quater way in and didnt do anything to keep team up todate :(


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When is the deadline? I am sure we'll sign another player before the season starts so am waiting...


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E-boo-eh? might be on his way too. Good riddance, he's a turd.

Wenger needs to spend some cash thought otherwise the top 4 is a pipe dream. You might have Arseshaving from the start of the season but Bendter and RVP as your only proven strikers is a tad think to say the least! Bendter is pretty average anyway. Is Eduardo fit yet?

Oh and....

Arsene Wenger, February 24: "I believe that no matter what happens it is important to keep this team together. This team is as good as anything in England."


He's done a good job of that then?

I like Arsenal and its a shame to see them in the state they are in at the moment tbh. I have nfc what Wenger is doing atm.


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I generally get the feeling Bendner is a very average player playing in a good team, which makes him look abit better than he really is. RVP is very injury prone and Eduardo hasn't had a chance to prove himself yet - Appariently they are the latest team to be linked with Hunterlarn (or however you spell it). Maybe they should have tried to get Mica Richards involved as a cash + player deal for Toure, he's still young enough to learn and even if he doesn't make the grade as a CB he's still a quality RB.
They are definately looking abit lightweight at the moment.

Mindyou it could be worse, look at Portsmouth - I can't see them surviving this season, sold all there best players and have a manager who has never done anything at this level.
Not sure who else will go down. I'd say Birmingham because they look like a team full of grafters and I don't rate the manager and Hull because they got found out the second half of last season and haven't really added much quality (yet).


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Second game after his transfer and a red card for Nani, fecking muppet ..... now to look for a replacement :(