just a quickie:

cliketh here : https://www.warlight.net/

meself and a few chums (Medi, Pitsweat, and Pixelmasher from Clanuk) and a few other non ClanUK folk are at present (past month or so) been playing on this Risk/Diplomacy variant site.

Tis pretty good - some massive maps and eminently adaptable. Anyone interested - join Warlight, give the intro solo scenarios a go to give you a feel, and then drop me a mail
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Swither, come join us. Tis pretty good fun. I'm not devious enough to do any long term planning for the solo stuff but loving to co-op games.

There's a mix of chat channels, public, team and private to other players to spice things up (not that anyone trusts anyone else... specially Killmouse :p) and if you want to be really nerdy there are loads of advanced options for analysing attacks and planning strategies. Personally I just like deploying and ploughing into the opposition.

On top of it all there is a Warlight Android app that runs everything on a touchscreen mobile or tablet :)

Join us!!!!