When will he ever learn?


Stupid is as stupid does
He really is the epitome of the stubborn Frenchman.

Dear Mr A Wenger

You need a BIG Central Defender. You need a ball winning centre midfielder or two. You need a proper proven Premier League goalscorer because RVP can't stay fit for half a season. You definately need a better Keeper.

You need to sort out your tactics. The amount of space you gave the Chelsea full backs was absolutely ridiculous.

You need to realise other people know stuff about football and that your way isn't looking like it was the right way. Seriously. Have you seen your record against the Big Four over the last 12 months? No? Really? Here it is then:

Played 9, Won 0, Drawn 3, Lost 6, Scored 9, Conceded 20.

I like the way you get your teams to play football but until you have a team with players that can tough out results, you're going to win fuck all.

Yours sincerely
90% of Arsenal fans (I would imagine).

I've always been a big fan of the way he's tried to play football but the fact is, unless he spends money on proven players, they won't win shit.

If Wenger can't wake up soon then its going to be a very long time before they win anything ever again because I can see players like Cesc leave at the end of the season.

I like Arsenal and I don't like seeing them completely outclassed by the Chavs. They are nailed on for the title now.


The Doggy Chimp
Flippin' 'eck Ky, you're sounding like one of us. At least you play football. We won against an injury hit and off form Bluenoses but we still played poorly and were somewhat lucky with the first goal. Substitute "Frenchman" for "Spaniard"...


Stupid is as stupid does
I'm a West Ham fan mate, not an Arsenal fan. I just don't like seeing Arsenal treading water and I especially don't like seeing them get seriously outclassed by Chavski.

Plus I'm just frustrated with one of the best managers in the world REFUSE to see what everyone else can. Its quite annoying and must be doubly so for die hard Arse fans.


The Doggy Chimp
I like watching the Gooners also, and do see some similarities between Wenger and Benitez, although out the two I know who I would prefer as manager of my club. I'm a bit like that with Everton actually and was really rooting for them in the FA cup final last year.


Professional Slacker
I don't feel we were outclassed and I don't think the Chavs did a lot. Then again, they never need to when they play us.

For one of the goals, I saw 3 of our players go to the ball so, when it was passed to the odious little rimlicker on the wing, he had all the time and space in the world to cross. Awesome defending.

We could probably use some decent cover in central defence and for Song but it was more the rest of the midfield who, it seems, couldn't give a shit about getting back and helping out.

I love Wenger, I love the way we play, but we have no fucking clue how to deal with teams who can actually defend. Having a bunch of cloned uber-midgets who can dominate possession and race around showboating when we're 5-0 up against FC Cockslap is awesome but they're next to useless against teams like the Chavs. All they do is mince around in the final third and lose the ball by running blindly into 3 defenders or attempting a pass that's harder than a priest in a room full of choirboys.

It's not rocket science, and Wenger isn't stupid but he is either stubborn or really doesn't see it. Back when we used to win things, we played great football and we had skillful players who didn't like the physical side of the game much. We also had big fuck off bastards who'd kick Lampard in the nuts, leave Terry lying in a pile of his own teeth and slam the ball in the net, not run 10 yards and fall over.

It worked and the new philosophy doesn't as yet. Perhaps it will one day but, either something needs to click or we need to look at replicating the formula of 1998, 2002 and 2004.


Ranger of the North
I was more upset at the Sunderland result tbh. We outplayed a team that have been great at home this season and still lost. Chelsea have beaten Liverpool, Spurs and ManU and now us this season already.

I was listening to Arsecast this morning and I think one of the guys on there hit the nail on the head. Losing the last two games is not a problem as it can happen to anyone, its what happens now.

Arsene said that we took too long to get over the Sunderland loss and thats spot on. There seemed a real lack of fight on Sunday and our heads went down earlier than you would expect.

After we lost to Man City last season, about this time, we went on a 20+ PL game unbeaten run and need to do something similar (although with less 0-0 draws).

I still think we are in a great position. I agree with Ky's view in as much as if we want to up the percentage of us winning something this season then we need to spend in January (although January is a long way away) but that doesn't guarantee anything. On the whole though we are playing well, scoring lots of goals and are better off than we were last season points wise at this same stage.

I've seen every Arsenal game this season, some at the Emirates, and I've seen a definate improvement on last season so far. At the start of the season we were the team to drop out of the top 4. Two weeks ago we were apparently one of the big favourites for the title. Now this week according to the experts we are going to be lucky to finish third. Its all nonsense really.

I don't think the transfer policy is going to change at the club anytime soon and Arsene will stick by his principles. The only area where we may see some action is upfront what with RvP and Bendtner injured. I've been watching this Chamakh fellow this season and he seems a real presence and would have added something different. I think Arsene would have been going against all he has been trying to achieve though had he bought him in the Summer as he is effectively telling Bendtner that its all over for him. Now we are looking desperate for a new front man.

I think our weakest position is currently in goal. We have three keepers, none of whom seem up to the job. I think there are PL teams much lower down the table sporting much better keepers than us.