Stupid is as stupid does
Forgot this even existed until Roch posted me a link.

Not on Facebook or Insta anymore (deleted it), given its owned and run by a Nazi.

Anyone playing games? Only got a console these days, don't have the time these days to justify a PC.

2020 has been a bit shit so far hasn't it?



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Ohh our locations are a bit out of date now!

Anyone else find they have time to watch other people play video games but not have time to play them yourself?


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Hello everyone.
I do remeber my old password, but I changed it awhile ago to a more secure one with my password manager.

Gotta, I play computer games while watching other people play computer games.


Stupid is as stupid does
Yep, remembered the password. It was in the days before password remembering software and as I am incapable of much memory-wise, it was only going to be one of two options.

What is everyone up to these days? I've fucked off out of London, living back in Kent again, in Chilham (sort of) near Cunterbury. 3 houses where I am and thats it. Perfect for a pandemic.

Well, in so much as anywhere is.


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first time i have checked on here for an age, trying to remember my old cuk email address. married kids still gaming as well about it really nothing remotely exciting.