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Does that you mean you have turned hipster or are you taking advantage of the grey to make you look venerable?


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I only have the fancy box for DIII but have the jewel cases for the rest :) I dunno what happened to my UT game/box, still got it on my pc though!


l33t g1bb0n
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but an angsty daft prick that can remember his old password, or hasn't changed passwords in years.... :D


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For over a decade it was one of the characters of Friends coz they used to call me it at school.. Could it BE anymore obvious? :)

It's always been a solid frame over the net, i mean I nearly grew up properly in your hands :) and outside the influence.. I gave more than I had to take. ClanUk seems like it has more of a breadth to it, a lineage!

Cant say I regret a moment of it. I'm healthy in mind and body and often think back to the kind of Merly I would have been if I hadnt been kept it check.

Wouldn't have listened to Trent Reznor without the Chimps within, or tasted boar, or realised what the seeds of simp were.

I'm a wiser dude, still a tosser but I play music, paint and have crafted a shelf of a second level meglomaniac, and back when my main goals where having the best sideburns I could summon, you guys and girls were there. Vibe checking me and through life's shit sandwhiches.. cant say my anonymous friends didnt not make me a better person.

Big hug x


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Emmmmmmoooooooonnnnnnnnn!!! Haven't talked to you in ages!!!
Hello mate, give me a shout - lost ya number. I'm back playing XBox these days - on there as Wrongest007 if you want to add me. Looking for game suggestings - been playing Outriders recently.