Brother Tosai Quest - Wajjun Bazaar


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I was going to put up a message about this quest a few days ago, when I confirmed the information in the link below. I didn't think there was any rush though as nobody was anywhere near it. My mistake :(

Basically, leave this quest until the absolute last one in that area. That way the Am Fah remain neutral to you and you have a pretty much free run on several fetch and carry quests each giving 3,000 xp.

If you have already accepted the quest, you CAN cancel it in town, BUT I don't think you will be able to re-take it afterwards, and I'm not sure if this makes the Am Fah remain neutral either. So I'd live with it.

FYI my first character through did accept the quest early and had to battle through the Am Fah. My second did this quest last, and it was much easier.

Also if you have followed the primary quest line and have access to Nahpui Quarter, this is a better place to start off on several of these later quests.




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BTW I have farmed 2 Naga pelts each for u guys, which u need for one of the quests.

Currently sitting in a GERMAN channel trying to get a group for the first mission!
V quiet tonight. Must be a lot of secret japan fans about ;)
(I'm not one of them, and Brazil are pants too.)



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Indeed, I spotted that trick fairly early on, and have gotten all 8!! of my toons past that point.

However, I did find a good spot for pelt farming, to do the quest for the cure.

From Seitung Harbour head out towards where the kidnapped son quest is, can ignore the camp though, and just trawl the beach killing naga there, they are high enough to drop pelts the ones prior to that arn't (to the west)

I managed quite happily with my mm necro, still had to do the treck from Tyria with her but that wasn't a problem.


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Am Fah ain't neutral to me, which is a total pain in the rear. DS mentioned not taking that quest about 5 minutes after I had accepted it :p

Kudos on pelt farming, nice one mate :)