Clan dead here?


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Is anyone still playing on GW2?

Asking as I have re-started and found out that one of my kids accidentally de-guilded me.

I thought I saw Zed the other night?

Shame it isn't easy to search in-game for a guild.

If still going please add me back.



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im pootling in game with a new character to try to give it another shot but havent seen anyone online re the guild so not sure if ican add or not....


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kk if u can't and u r the only one on....

I might start the clan Slav & I joked about....MOSS Miserable Old Sods Society :D


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Not played since the first 3 months or so mate, sorry i keep getting emails telling me someone is trying to sell my account lol, but so far it's not ;-)


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Q gave the big hat to me before he bailed. I still have toons guilded but if you want the big hat, just shout when you see me on.

I'm mostly with a lot called BEER now; they're usually numerous and they actually do "stuff". Shout if you want an invite - the process seems to entail asking if you can join them, heh. They seem ok.


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I'll probably pop back on at some point now the kids are back at school and routine makes my gaming time easier to sort out. Need to finish Deadpool first though.


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I pop on now and again but not often - it was down to just me and Bunty for ages so when I got bored and had to go back to work I dropped out :(


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Anyone else having any problems with their selling screen for the TP?

All I get now is a blank screen when I try to sell an item?


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seems busy to me! wvw had a nice upgrade, pvp is mental, there is some hunger game type match which is crazy! lol. last person alive wins.