Elite Weekend


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Did any of you get into the elite missions, I hung around with my monk in a number of pug groups, that never seemed to quite get the mix the leader was after. Guys kept joining then dropping for no reason.

I feel that one group may of hampered his chances by having an assassin in it as there is a lot of "A hate" in the game, and when one of the guys pointed out that we had one, the lead goes "ass? where?" then promptly boots him ... still doesn't help.

In the end we (was with some mates on TS) all decided to give it a miss and went and did ring of fire for one of them, and THK bonus.


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I was away this weekend, for my mother's birthday and to watch a truly woeful first game of the season by the Swans, so I missed all that.

I think you can get a taxi from the Luxon capital fairly easily when a certain (for get name) alliance holds the city. Never been though.



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i had alittle go at urgorz or something, i was a healing rit, we was doing pretty damn good with 4 rangers 1 war 4 monk 1 rit (me) 2 necros (mm and ss) well until we got to the -4 energy degen room, then everyone just started leaving. ok people shouldnt try that mission if they cant get there without the weekend thing going on bunch of assholes. ok i cant get there but i didnt leave the party and i survived the longest before any deaths.

was pretty fun in all and i got a nice purple shiled for my warrior, nearly as good as the exalted ageis* you get with the amulet of the mists. so i was happy enough