Guild Wars help!


Hernes Son
I logged in after a 4 month absence and all my characters have reset to level 2! Anyone know why that would be? Seems I have lost all monies and items, even my guild cloak.


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I left mine for a long period without logging in and it was fine.

You could maybe try contacting support, see if they can help?


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The loss of Guild cape would be due to you being de-guilded (with your consent) quite a while back, due to inactivity.

If you PM Coalman, he'll let you back in.

I'm not in the Guild myself now (and hardly playing until Nightfall).

The loss of levels/equipment should not have happened, and is something you should take up with GW support.


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ack! I've not heard of anybody getting "de-leveled" apart from the preview events, you can keep the character that you make in them but when the it goes retail and you log in with them, they get reset - but you get to keep the name and look.

But when this happens, it also resets any progress, map explored and so on, and from what I remember when Factions when live, you end up level 1, not 2.

I'm not sure how you would check, but I suspect the characters you have are new ones, created with the same names as your old ones.

Like darkswan says, take it up with support, it's unlikely you'll get any response from them, as you can't prove you didn't give your stuff away, sucks I know but the reason GW is sub free is the support is quite limited.

I'd change your password just incase, and scan for trojans and the like, can't hurt to be paranoid :)


Hernes Son
Ok. It wasnt the clan guild got deguilded from - made my own just so as I could have a jazzy cloak.I had one character past the bit where Ascalon gets blitzed. She is now back to level 2. Dont remember re-starting but could have done - my memory is like a sieve :p