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[OOC: OK this is from where I remember everyone being and you are about to have some fun at least, Aris, you can see the snot you flicked in the direction of the sound within the room and it is dribbling down something moving away from you back into the pitch darkness. Zeus as I recall you wanted to take a swing at it.....erm send me a private message about that.]

Moving in the darkness you all clearly hear a camour of motion from a direction you can only denote as being where Aristotle went......hey he isnt exactly quiet!

The rumbling gets closer and closer until it pauses for a second at the doorway.....as I recall Raving and Tanthe ar either side of it and hear something very large and heavy halt there.

The tension increases in the room as you all inhale dust kicked up from the floor, it would seem that you are the only ones to have been in here for quite some time indeed.

As though the darkness were a tangible object it seems to force its way from the door as the door is thrown from its hinges with the kind of strength that even Aristotle cant think about taking on[OOC: 21 if anyones interested].

As the door strikes the floor with a clattering thunder followed by the light droplets of metal hinges and pins. Small crunches of wood begin as one massive and familiar foot advances into the room crushing the door beneath it.

As this happens a massive flash of light blasts the darkness away and the foot seems to reel for a moment before the doorway widens once more.

Stone and wood showering Legaless and Tanthe as they are forced to move away from the doorway by the sheer bulk containing two more glowing orange eyes that stare out with malice as an immense stone form makes and almost animalistic or natural growl straining ears.

The sudden flash effects everyone, most of all the elves who are stunned from the sudden increase in light. The infravision boiling in their eyes for a few moments [OOC: not enough to blind any of you lucky gits!, but krissa is stunned and unable to act with vision for one round.]

The beast pauses before swingin one immense granite fist towards the retreating Legaless missing him by mere inches as it takes a huge slab away from the wall forcing Legaless back further into the room until a dull thud issues as his chain mail strikes against the wall. He is cornered and looking a little less than happy to see what is turning towards him as more sharp pieces of stone shower from the impact cuttin him slightly along one cheek, the blood slowly making its way towards his collar.

OK then, thats the lay of the land. Bakaris you are still sanctuaried and invisible until you make any offensive action. The only ones of you unable to enter combat fully this round are Aristotle and Zeus as you are too far away to get there in time!.

Some of you notice a second door, darkness within, but some of you sense movement inside it.....

The immense shadow of the creature looms into the room, backlit by torches casting lances of dim light around its immense form...

What are we doing then?

[OOC: Krissa you have blindfighting and can make an attack at a reduced penalty based on sound so dont worry too much. You get the feeling you arent far away from it though, estimting you guess about 10 feet.]


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Ziffy yelps at the sight of the beast and falls down on his bum, but shrugs off the impact and uses his old amulet (Magic Missile?) on the beast, hoping for the best..

Colin is jostled awake in Zif's backpack, and pokes his head out, and puffs a little cloud of spores in the direction of the beast (what's it anyway?) in annoyance...

(OOC: Bruts, PM me my spells and magical paraphenilia... can't remember what I have anymore.. :( )



Aristotle takes but a moment to crack his knuckles and heft his ballista into place. Lining up the shot, he fires off a bolt with a and, with a huge grin on his face, he steadily places the ballista on the floor and advances, his axes held aloft. Closing on the creature, the half ogre releases a deafening roar to challenge it...


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Zeus pulls free his Katana in one fist, and holds the shield in the other as he chargees the creature, trying to gtet a decent blow to its head, or an arm. (my 2 handed sword doesnt do anything special against these things does it? if it does i'll use that instead. But if not, i think i need theextra protection...
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I think I better have a list of spells, I feel my swords might get blunted a bit on a granit giant


[ooc damn I only just saw this]

Kryssa stands with her dagger in her hand ready to swipe at anything that comes near her.
She has the feeling that something is close and listens really really hard in case it attacks her.
She will swipe at anything that comes close enough so long as it doesn't sound familiar to her.