Im in what can possibly go wrong


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am making a little stunty necromancer hopefully ill figure out what buttons to press as i cant seem to find any instructions for this game \o/
char name will be McStunty who do i look for ingame for an invite?


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iv sent you an invite

Press G (Guild screen) and at bottom Press represent (do this for each character)


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cheers ive made a few characters so far seem to get to lvl 8 and peter out seems stuff just kills me real quick if of equal level around there am i best killing lower level stuff until i hit say 15 - 20 ?


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Depends on the class, warriors & guardians can tank, squishies need to kite.

Don't forget that quite a few attacks u have in this mean that you can still hit/cast and run at the same time.

For melee, dodging is your friend :)

Check out the links on the sticky, especially the new player one as it has lots of handy tips that you might not yet have found.