Ingame Name Thread


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yeah I noticed that, I think it was a few days I saw 3 guys all the same level in 1/4 public games lol :D


Hernes Son
I play sloooow and easy, whenever I go in a public game everyone rushes off ahead and I start dinging quests that I haven't even seen!


Rogue Chimp
When ever im on people are more than welcome to jump into my game. Not bothered if they are on a different act


The Burninator
problem is now, you can't just jump in and do act 4, you're locked to the quest the game owner is doing. i miss that, but also makes it fun as well if you're around the same level, things get way tougher


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well i will check and see who is around tonight, might even try a different class, only upto 33 on my monk and just into nightmare, but it seems once you reach this level you run into all the stat monkey min mixers, telling you they have 1 lvl 60 in each class and how to play it:/ that's what i did yesterday, D3 is just for me fucking around, MMG's is where it's at for min/maxing but heyho, i promptly left that game :p


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long time no see folks figured i'd drop by and say hi:)

Yardos#2391 if anyone wants to add

play hrs weird due to my work pattern these days :)


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cukjoplin#1738 demon hunter, however you also need emails??? the battle tagh is not enough, or am I doing something stupid?