New PC - retry


Rogue Chimp
My new pc should arrive weekend. (its only been 7 weeks!!)

Once it does im going to give GW2 another try, wasnt too enamoured really but ill see what happens this time.

Oh im not really a PVP person so ill stick with Swither for my casual playness


Rogue Chimp
No idea on why. Originally they said itd be built and shipped by the 30th October but id heard nothing so moaned on facebook on the 30th and it kicked things into life.

Build is outstanding. PC superb. Customer communication : crap to none existant. Id be hesitant to order a custom build from Scan in the future sadly unless im prepared to wait months for delivery.


l33t g1bb0n
Staff member
Shame, I've got all my parts from them for the last few builds and upgrades, never had a problem, but then I don't trust anyone else to build my PC for me :)