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Been asked a few times about the new quests in Diablo so I'll paste a bit of info for people who haven't done them yet. Note, these things are uber tough, like Diablo clone on angeldust. There are only a very few builds that can come close to soloing them, but they would be terrific fun for a guild night.

On a side note, the builds that do best if you want a go solo are melee builds, which is some redress for the way the game has gone the last few years.

Countess can drop terror key (or hate cant remember)
Summoner can drop hate key (or terrot cant remember)
Nihlatak can drop destruction key

Once you have 1 terror, 1 hate and 1 destruction, you put them in the cube and transmute in act 5. Now a portal to one of 3 random places open each with one special monster + different kinds minions:

Matrons den with Lillith
Forgotten sands with uber duriel
The furnace of pain with uber izual

When you kill Lillith (uber andariel technically) you get Diablos horn
When you kill uber duriel you get baals eye (or is that from izual)
When you kill uber izual you get mephistos eye (or is that from duriel)

When you have the 3 organs, you put them in the cube and transmute in act 5. It opens a portal to uber tristram. In there youll find uber diablo, uber baal and, worst of them all, uber mephisto. All together with lots of minions, including pit lords immune to everything basically.
Once (if) you kill all the ubers, the last one drops one unique large charm and "standard of heroes" according to the people in the game. But only one large charm. Once identified, the charms stats are:

+3 to character skill levels (+3 to barbarian or amazon for example)
+10-20 allres
+10-20 stats
25%chance to cast firestorm on striking (thats diablos firestorm, not the druids)
+minor mods (light radius, hydra charges)
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Wow, I had no idea that Diablo was still getting content patches!
Thats pretty amazing for a game this old...whats that 4 years?


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Have stuck this mainly cos I was looking for it and didn't want it lost again :)

Looking at this I think I am just going to to keep a hold of said keys until Pif and anyone else with a high lvl non-ladder char can come and die with me :)


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I've got a fair number of keys and a few organs (eyes are cheap on NL as there are quite a few dupes) if someone wants to organise a suicide night!

As Flight says there aren't many builds that can survive the ubers. If you've got a melee build that can have high resists, e.g. via prebuffing with Treachery armour (a 1.11 patch runeword) plus something to give you life tap e.g. Dracul's Grasp gloves you might stand a chance. I've helped people before but have never been brave enough to solo any of the ubers! I reckon Bigpicty might be OK though..



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Aye was thinking Pict, Deviant is still a fair few lvls behind and obviously not a melee char. Though if there were a few more melee chars Deviant could turn up with Golly as extra tankability.

I definitely have to psyche myself up for it! Probably give you a nudge when I am clear of my headcold, don;t mind suicide mission but tying my hands behind my back too is just silly :)

So anybody else got a high lvl non-ladder char or is it just me and Pif the intrepid adventurers?


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Non-ladder Cuth dear. Yours are all ladder :p

So we have Pif, Smurf and moi. I presume you have a nice tasty melee char or two Smurf? I remember a barb but not what lvl he was.


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uncheck teh box on character start screen that says Ladder and you should be ok.

if im wrong picty will be all over me liek a rash to tell me so :p


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So we have Pif, Smurf and moi. I presume you have a nice tasty melee char or two Smurf? I remember a barb but not what lvl he was.
Unfortunately I lost all my old chars :( Only ones I have are last ladder season's necro, sorc & amazon.


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Thank you Legs (never thought I would ever say that) I was chewing my tongue reading the e-mail msg thingy!
Honestly Cuth *shakes head*

Hmm Smurf I assume yer amazon is pingy-bow one? What sorta Necro ya got?


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The necromancer has maxed skeletons & uses all curses, with high level dim vision. He's mainly been used for safety + life tap on ladder uber runs.

The sorceress is a charged bolt + frozen orb sorc with silly amounts of fast cast. I used her to do key runs.

The amazon is a speed based strafer with an upped witchwild string. I didn't really round her out before the reset.


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Ok am feeling a bit gallous with latest pressies from Pif, so what night would suit Smurf, Pif and any other high lvl non-ladder chars for a Uber boss run?


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Found this guide on dii net.

Ubering/Uber leveling
This is my new guides taken from people adding information to it.

First off getting to uber tristram!

When attempting to uber you will have some inital steps:

1. PERM YOUR GAME FOR 5-10 MINUTES! To perm you just idle the game for 5-10 minutes. The reason you perm the game is to give you a little bit of time if the game does get a connection intturuption or if you die to get back into the game and get your torch.

2. All character must be in act5 hell diff but do NOT have to kill baal.

3. You will have to search for keys. Keys drop from 3 people in the game: The Countess in the Black Marsh Tower in act 1, The Summoner in the Arcane Sancturay in act 2 and from Nihl in the Halls of Vought in act5. All three of these villians have specific things about them that make them dangerous:

The Countess:
IMO the hardest thing about her is her minions she has surrounding her. She is sometimes capable of having auras, I have seen Might being used. This will be bad when the 10 or so minions come running at you at full speed. The Countess in general i dont have any problems with her and her minions are Immune to Cold. A light sorc would take quick control of her. She drops the Key of Terror

The Summoner:
Finding him is a pain if ur legit about it. Summoner being the easiest IMO has no immunes he is a sorceress and with +cold and fire with res you will do fine. Sometimes there are hordes of Minions to contend with they are often Cold Immune and Fire Immune. He drops the Key of Hate

Nihl as i refer to him as is by far the hardest. He is Lite immune but not very often. He is most dangerous from his Corpse Explosion. I have seen Trap Sins with Death Sentry work best against him or a hammerdin with natures peace or any pally with redemption aura (phoneix runeword). this way he has no bodys to explode. Nihl drops the Key of Distruction.

**I advise you to get 3 key sets which is 1 of every key three times. that way you will be able to get all the organs beacuse when making the portals it is random on which portal pops up. Each Set Looks Like THIS Also When Making the town Portals Spread Them out**

4. Take the keys you have got from the above super uniques and put them in ur cube 3 at a time. and open the portals, the portals that open are:

Kill Lilith - she looks like andy and is sometimes refered to as Uber Andy. she is very powerful and her poision is very dangerous. be sure to have lots of psn res and antidotes as you will lose lots of health if you dont. IMO her Poison Spray is her deadliest attack. A smiter is best when fighting her. She appears in the Matrons Den. She drops Diablos Horn

Kill Uber Duriel - he is by far the easiest, usually spawning close to the waypoint and tp at the Forgotton Sands, I've had on occasion had to look for him around the Forgotten Sands. He uses the aura Holy Freeze which i would say makes him kinda dangerous. he slows you down, with a ias smiter or a a really well built sorc you can easily take him down. He drops Baals Eye.

Kill Uber Izzual *i dont have a pic of izzy but he looks like izzy*- By far the worst only due to the fact where he spawns in the Furnace of Pain he may have pit lords with res to everything except physical dmg, thoes witches who curse you to lower defence or he can have Oblivion Knights which can Iron Madien (IM) you and kill you or ur merc. Izzy is able to teleport and is quite strong. but if you are able to kill his minions he will fall easily. Smiter again is best build for this villian. He drops Mephistos Brain.

5. After you have picked up each organ (eye, horn and brain) this is now called an organ set. with this you are able to create UBER TRISTRAM. In uber tristram you will face Uber Diablo, Uber Baal and Uber Mephisto. each are dangerous in their own ways.

Uber Baal: he has all of Baals original moves but is much MUCH faster. He casts Mana Rift which sucks for any character unless you have med or Leach Mana. this makes Baal difficult to kill, he regenerates Life at an alarming rate. He casts a Curse that drops ur def by 95% and if your unlucky he can duplicate himself which makes him even more dangerous. a good way to face baal himself is to go behind this house and have him teleport to you. easily defeated with a Smiter with mana pots.

Pandemonium Diablo: *he is called this to make a common difference from the one which dropps the anni* Much stronger and Faster than the orginal i feel is much more of a threat than baal for some reasons... One. his bone prision may affect you from hitting anything. two. His Armagedon is much stronger and is able to kill you in seconds if you stand in it. Third and probably the worst he spawns Minions. Pitlods with res to everything except physical damage, Dark lords and spectars which are both immune to Physical dmg. *Best char is a Smiter against Pandemonium Diablo*. I would look into having another character help you with the other minions that he spawns. I usually use my Light Sorc to kill him and his minions minus pit lords.

Uber Mephisto: IMO and most others *if not all*. His worst attack is an aura he uses, Conviction. This aura level is so high it can take ur res down to the negitives if you have the bare minimumof 75. He uses Blizzard, Litghtning and he is 110 res to lite dmg and psn dmg. he spawns lots of minions which also can be used to make an uber leveling game. he spawns minions by the second, he spawns these minons when you get close to him. These include: Mages (cold, psn, fire, lite), Archers with major psn dmg and melee skeletons. Mixed with his conviction is not a good combination for players. *Smiter is best char to Uber Mephisto* When i faced the three i went to get mephisto himself and ran around to *the baal house picture* to face the other two. This makes it easier to set up and uber and also to face all three.

If you are able to kill all three without dying GREAT JOB! You have successfully defeated everything for an uber trist game. And now you get a Unique Large Charm. When identified you will get a Torch. The stats of this torch are as follow:

Required Level: 75
25% Chance To Cast level 10 Firestorm* On Striking
+3 to random character class skills (varies)
+10-20 To All Atributes (varies)
All Resistances +10-20 (varies)
+8 to light radius
Level 30 Hydra (10 charges)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.11 or later)
*This was taken from The Arreat Summit Item Section*

Also, Standard Of Heros or SOH's drop. multiple if you are in a game with more than one person. It looks like this. It is unknown of what it is used for, there are many different rumors around beacuse the rlvl is: 90. But i believe it doesnt do anything.