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Anyone in the know got some beta keys for this bad boy? I can't wait to play this, I think this is the game I have been most looking forward to all year. :)


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They are going out in waves - the battle.net app wanting a restart is a good sign.
Got mine, installed but not had chance to play it yet



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Reviews seem to suggest it's very team based to be successful with an eye to "esports" so it'll be interesting to see if it gets dominated by clans very quick becoming no fun for casual players.


Max Rincewind(eq)Caramon(wow)
It's supposed to be a bit like tf2, also they don't hand out beta keys they just flag your account and email you. Still checking my email box about 5 times a day


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Well too late now, i shant be playing the beta now i have starcraft 2 legacy of the void so :p to Piper!


Max Rincewind(eq)Caramon(wow)
Yeah I liked it, can't play it for long periods of time though as I have a prolapsed disk and sitting down on a chair isn't great .I plan on seeing if I can stream it to the other comp and sofa todayđŸ˜„

Well it wasn't playable with my internet.

One thing I don't like about it is the practice mode. You can't add bots on to your side, so you can't really test the support characters out in a proper pvp type environment.

I don't like playing pvp games without a bit of game knowledge and preparation, I guess that's the league of legends in me đŸ˜€.
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Max Rincewind(eq)Caramon(wow)
Anyone getting this apart from me?

Don't know what I'm getting it on yet, looking at PS4 though I think.