Reccomend an xbox game to a nooblet...


Hernes Son
Faced with a bewildering array of very samey looking games, what are the must-haves? The "if you have an xbox you have to play this" titles plz. All reccomendations gratefully recieved.

So far I have:
Assassins creed brotherhood
Red, Dead redemption
Brutal legend
Gears of War
Fallout New Vegas
Fable III
Forza motorsport 3
Tiger woods pro tour 12 masters
Tomb raider legend
Viva Pinata

would relly like a platformer for the missus along the lines of Crash bandicoot.


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My favs are: (in no particular order)

Fallout 3 (u have new vegas so no point)
Halo reach
Left 4 Dead
Crackdown (not 2 hated that)
Lego: Indiana Jones

Batman: Arkham Asylum is good, but I am useless at boss fights so ground to a halt :(

Also you can get Dragon Age: platinum edition now (I got that) with all expansion packs, but it is a slow plodder I reckon.

Mass Effect is popular, but like Dragon talk talk.

Incoming shooter I fancy is Rage.


Hernes Son
Compleated dragon age and mass effect 2 several times on the pc - got hooked on creating babe-ish Shephards ;)

Will get it on the xbox too I think.

"I'm commander shepard and this is my favourite shop on the citadel" :)


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Batman is cheap as well, and if you have it on a TV with surround it's super spiffy ! +3 for that. LA Noire I'd add, but I'd also add that while I'm enjoying it still I am seeing what people mean about samey and interviews not making sense, don't know, still think it's worth the money but it's getting less playtime

and XBLA games, Castle Crashers I think if the one I've had alot of fun with drunk, side scrolling RPG esque beat em up, a whole load of fun. The new Viva Pinata is also quite good (by new I mean the last one, prob 4-5 years ago)


Ranger of the North
Dead Rising is still one of my favourite 360 games. Its a bit old school tough with no auto-saving and what not but it is a very atmospheric game.


On xbla; Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light is an excellent co-op platform puzzle shooter.

Me and the missus played through it together, loved every minute.


Hernes Son
Good, good. Keep 'em coming plz. Got red dead, getting Halo Reach today. Waiting for LA Noir to come on offer somewhere as I am a pikey when it comes to paying full whack for games.


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Batman, honestly, it's dirt cheap now and one of only a handful of console games I've actually completed, with the added advantage once you get it and like it, the next one is due out soon(ish) I think.


Max Rincewind(eq)Caramon(wow)
Black ops, Battlefield 2, Borderlands if you like online shooty games,burnout paradise, need for speed hot pursuit, Blur/Splitsecond if you like drivey games. :)

All the above are good choices too.


Oh, if Uncharted 2 is on there, it's absolutely unmissable imo. I played it on PS3 and it was one of the best console games I've played.


Hernes Son
Good job for the game demos on xbox live - tried the Apache helecopter game demo, which I nearly bought, and its pants. The damn chopper moves like a ballon!


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anyone recommend any good split screen co-op one's ? preferable that's cheap now :) Last one we played was I think Gears 2


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The left 4 dead games are good for that & the screen splits vertically which is better than the usual horizontal split I think.