Starting up tonight!


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Looks like me and a friend of mine will be unwrapping copies of this tonight DS.....

Do you think you could guild us both? I have been having a read of the classes and a few guides and whatnot, I think I have decided on class etc :p

Monk for primary and Mesmer for Secondary?

I reckon this is a good first build, as that is what I want to be in PvP - a healer with a little more utility.

Any thoughts/tips/warnings??


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Just post your in-game names here and I'll join you up when I get on.

BTW is that Prophecies or Factions you have?
Prophecies (GW1) is the bigger PvE game by far.

You will find it easier to get into PUGs as a monk for sure. (Just finished factions with a Mo/Me.) The CUK guild is very quiet atm. Feel free to move on if you want.



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I haven't actually bought a copy yet..... my friend I mentioned was gonna hit GAME at lunch time, I am gonna head up after work.

I think it's Factions we'll be grabbing. I'm not really interested in PvE anyway :)

I think we'll both join cUK to begin with if you don't mind, wouldn't mind getting my mate sponsored into cUK ;)


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Well, yes, you can pvp from the off, but I think your missing out on half the game :)

And as you can knock up any class combo for pvp, you don't need to focus on any one char, you can just nuke them and recreate as your heart desires.

However, if you want to deviate from the "stock" builds your going to have to unlock the skills you want, which you can do with pve toons without having to mindlessly grind pvp ... oh ... wait, nevermind :p


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I don't mind doing some PvE to unlock nice stuff :D

I don't want to spend 4 hours, 4 times a week, raiding with 39 other total nebs.

Should be in-game about 8/8:30 GMT.


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I quite enjoy a bit of PvP myself, but we never got GvG off the ground, so I've been stuck in random Arenas.

You will want to unlock some skills one way or the other for PvP. is a good site for information, but I think you have to register now to see the forums. Lots of info about builds etc. I think a boon prot monk is doable without too many unlocks.

I sometimes run this:-


Offering of Blood (Ne, Elite)
Divine Boon
Holy veil
Mend Ailment
Reversal of Fortune
Protective Spirit
Contemplation of Purity

Blood Magic 10
Healing Prayers +1
Smiting Prayers +1
Protection Prayers 8 +1
Divine Favour 12 +1 + 3
Unused Points 5
Health = 455

Phrophets Scalp design (DF+1) + Rune Superior DF
Ascetics Chest Design + Rune of Minor Healing
Ascetics Leg Design + Rune of Minor Protection
Judges Handwraps + Rune Minor Smiting
Ascetics Foot Design + Rune of Superior Vigour


1 weapon)
PvP Holy Staff
Energy +10
Fire Damage 11-22 (req 9 Divine Favor)
Halves casting speed using Protection Prayers skills (20%)
Halves Skill recharge using Protection Prayers skills (20%)
Head: Insightful (Energy +5)
Wrapping: of Enchanting (Enchantments 20% longer)
1 Shield Focus)

2 weapon)
PvP truncheon
Dark Dmg 11-22 (req 9 Blood Magic)
Halves Skill recharge using Blood Magic skills (20%)
2 Shield Focus)

Although I have replaced the necro elite with a mesmer one now - Mantra of Recall.


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Some nice advice DS!

I got my toon up to lvl 4 last night.... Monk/Mesmer....

At the moment I have a HoT, DHeal, Dmg reflect, smite, the health degen mesmer spell and a kind of life steal type thing, oh yeah, and rezz. I totally and utterly rock :0

I had no problem taking on 3x lvl 5 mobs last night, all at once when was lvl 3. Probably not that much of an achievement ;)

As for the builds you are talking about, I will not be playing like that. I am going to be going GvG and want a complete utiltity healer. 4tw.

55hp Monks sound funky.


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I did write a beginners guide which may be useful.

The more skills you have unlocked (they become unlocked for the PvE character that finds them and ALL PvP-only characters) the easier it is to put your PvP build together. (Your PvP and PvE builds will be VERY different!).

If you have your ideal 8 skills in mind, and can get 5 or 6 of them early on in the game, then you need 3,000 Balthazar faction to unlock a new skill (for PvP only). You can get the elites this way too. This is quite do-able from sticking with Random Arenas.

The cookie-cutter builds available will already have some skills unlocked which your PvE character hasn't unlocked yet. I'm not sure if these are unlocked for your account properly if you build your own PvP character.

If you want to do SOME PvE, these are useful references
Free Skills from Quests
Trainers that sell skills
There will be some overlap in the above. You spend your skill points at trainers, so getting a skill via quest may be more optimal.

55hp monks are used for farming. You can have 55hp necros etc also with monk secondary. You will get slaughtered with one in PvP though. Vampiric Touch works through all protection spells so you will be dead in one hit! There are a lot of 'Touch Rangers' about atm (Ra/Ne). You are a major target in PvP as a monk.

If you come across an item giving -15 energy (I think you get one as a quest reward in Ascalon at some point) hold onto it. It can be useful (assuming you are PvPing with a PvE character) to reduce your energy while under an energy denial attack (i.e. quick weapon switch to the -15E weapon), so that once the attack is over, you switch back to your normal weapon (+12E say) and you have 27 energy straight away. (Advanced tactic that, so don't worry for now.)
I threw mine away of course thinking it was useless ;)

GvG would be good. We need a few more bodies though.



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Can you unlock elites with PvP faction?

I have been doing a lot of reading at work, and I think I might be a tad confused :p


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ya u can unlock the elite skills with pvp, can only use them with pvp charas though cant buy for your pve ones if that makes sense need to be unlocked the normal way to use in pve.

its quicker to grind pvp to get skills u want for pvp anyways i found


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think i had 5/6 elite skills unlocked in couple of days of pvp in pve stakes i wasnt even near the level of the elite capature quests so going on that