Team Arenas


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Did you make it here yet Wilson? (5 consecutive wins in Random).

You'll probably be playing Mo/Me and N Ed PvP will be Wa/Mo.
Expect your enchantments to be stripped often.

When u get to TA, I might try a cursing touch Ne/Me of some sort.
Echo Life Transfer has been fun in PvE, but I may have energy problems in TA.
I'll think about a build and try it in RA first.

Must get my mic back too!

CU soon.



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Yo m8 ! :D

Yeah, I am in the Team Arenas now, managed to get a group of newbs, they all had fresh installs of less than a week and were playing PvP Only chars. They were all warrios or of some sort, and with my Mo/Me, I just told them to assist and always kill anything with Mo in it's name. Heh.

I think we must have been lucky in opponents, as one of the games lasted about 45s, was hilarious.


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Heh, sounds fun.

I've dabbled with pvp, and in one fight it went on for bleeding ages, both teams had excellent monks, I was playing my ranger and even though the warrior and myself threw everything I had at the enemy monk, he kept on surviving, no idea how.

Eventually, either I got lucky with an interrupt, or he fluffed it but eventually we did drop him, but then rez sig! argh - fight goes on another 15min or so and we get him again, but by that point the dp must of started to bite and the enemy finally fell apart.

Was the longest epic pvp fight i've ever had.