The division


Max Rincewind(eq)Caramon(wow)
Ok who has bought it and on what?
Bought it on the PS4 after being pressured into it.
Have a pretty big crew, so if anyone needs someone to go around with just look me up on ps4.


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Tried beta, wasn't blown away. It is a poor man's Destiny with crap gear constrained by the 'realistic' setting.


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i, too, was tempted on the basis of it sounding a bit destinyish, and being on PC.
it's nothing like destiny.
firstly, its third person not first person. this isnt really a complaint - i'd quite like destiny to have a choice of third person view, as you'd get to see the nice armour you're wearing then - but it is a difference.

all the equipment is, as you say, constrained by realism. which makes it all rather dull. both in terms of looks, and in terms of gameplay. there is no real difference between the gun i'm using now at level 10 and the first assault rifle i picked up. granted, i'm only level 10 but i dont see it changing.
the 'realism' problem extends to other areas of the game too - like the repetitive nature of most of the missions, and of the environments (seriously, a run down apartment building does not get magically more exciting the 10th time you're sent into one...).

what it doesnt extend to, though, is the bullet sponge enemies. the ones that, despite ostensibly being a human in a bit of armour, can take several hundred sniper rounds to the face to kill. i can put up with this level of toughness in destiny (its an alien with god knows what tech that you're shooting at), when the rest of it has this air of realism it seems a bit silly. even normal enemies will take several point blank shotgun rounds to put down, meaning there's little point in bothering with anything other than a sniper rifle and either an LMG, SMG or an assault rifle.

the overall story also seems silly. I was expecting to spend my time investigating the cause of the outbreak, and finding a way to stop it spreading. but you start the game with people already knowing how it was started, who by, and how to defend against it (turns out that a very basic level of hygiene is enough to not get it...). so instead you spend your time shooting rioters and looters and some paramilitary types. which just raises the question.. why? why would you not just send the army in, once you've decided its ok to just shoot these people? (which someone clearly has).

unless at high level the game takes a very large shift (towards some sort of alien invasion, a la crysis - only done better), i really dont see it getting any more interesting, to be honest.

shame. wanted to like it, but meh.


Max Rincewind(eq)Caramon(wow)
After playing to level 19, now I feel I can add my opinion on the game. I found it like you said a bit repetitive solo, but when i played it with 3 other people it was really fun. The story missions were diverse enough to keep me entertained and the ai was flanking us and catching us off guard.

If you get the right guns you can kill them with a 1 shot head shot but they're pretty hard to find. Gear does matter depending on what you want to do. if you want to get the one shot kill head shots you have to get gear with the bullets on it, but that means you become more of a glass cannon.

I have had fun with this game up to now but I can see its flaws. I am just playing devils advocate :).