Well done Benitez


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To be fair we got him half price because he was injured. They turned down �35mill for him last summer.

The midfield hasn't been the problem; neither has scoring goals. In our first dozen matches we scored more goals than any season in the clubs history.

The problem has been in defence. We've still scored more goals at home than anyone, but only won 4 out of those 7 home games.

We're having to rely on a �1.5mill defender, bought in the last couple of days of the window, who simply isn't good enough but was all we could get at the price. The question is why we only had �1.5mill to spend when two weeks earlier we'd bid �8mill for Hunter as a CB. The answer is the Americans took nearly �30mill out of the transfer kitty during that time to pay against interest on debt.


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Yet another predictable outcome, outplayed against the league's bottom team. I have never in my life seen such a gutless, disinterested lot of players as the squad he has built up. In my opinion, the man has done irreparable damage to the club, and I believe he is the most inept manager we have had since the 50s, including that other joke Souness. He "guarantees us a 4th place finish". Not only a poor manager, but deluded. Even to someone who has supported the club for 35 years, it is amusing. How one man can screw something up so badly beggars belief. Not only that, but he and his team are now a complete laughing stock.
The problem isn't the owners, despite their bungling incompetence, it is the manager. The players are only as good as the manager.


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ye lad i agree its getting close to saying goodbye if we dont finish in the top four then thats gotta be it!!!!!


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Not only that, but he and his team are now a complete laughing stock.
Liverpool are definately the new Newcastle.
They could do alot worse than replace Rafa with Woy Hodgson, if nothing else he'd bring a sense of dignity and respect back to the club that is sadly lacking it under the current manager. Whether he'd want to leave Fulham where he has such a good thing going is another matter, but the lure of a big name like Liverpool might tempt him for one last big job.


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Predictable result (I expected a penalty defeat before the start), but what is sad is the complete lack of effort by almost the whole team, including Gerrard. Their body language says it all - the fat fool has lost the majority of the fans, and I am sure he's lost the dressing room. The Reading subs worked, but Liverpool's rarely have any effect. Some of the players do not deserve to wear the shirt, and some are just not good enough. But who signs the players, who picks the team, who is responsible for on field tactics and motivation?

I think it's a case now that the club can not afford to keep him as mamager as he's cost them millions in lost revenues. The club is a laughing stock, even amongst many of its own fans.


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Surely it can't be Benitez's fault? He's a genius :p

Aquilani is a QUALITY signing. Again. 20M? ROFLOL!



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All his signings are quality, and some even play every game. Ah, one minute, isn't that a large reason why were ****ed? But perhaps rafa aims to entertain, just not with football...


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Look on the bright side.

At least you're not a world famous club with a proud tradition that's been bought out by Americans who are clueless, have saddled you with debt and are considering selling off your prize assets.

Oh wait...........