what are you all playing?


Max Rincewind(eq)Caramon(wow)
Currently playing The binding of Isaac, Don't starve and having the odd game of LoL when I can be bothered :)


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Feeling a bit Meh on the gaming front atm. Pottering around in kerbal space program still, playing agarian skies in minecraft (bloody hard map) and other bits and bobs (Space engineers).

I did look at wildstar but it's very grindey, and it all seems to just happen to fast, you just race from one quest to the next but there did seem to be a lot of lore and I did read a fair bit of it, also the world looks good... I dunno about it really. combat is maybe a little too fast and frantic (or i'm just getting old) it does have a lot of good things going for it but I can't seem to be bothered atm but would be prepaired to if a few people wanted to give it a go in a month or so when they sort out the urgent bugs (they do seem pretty responsive to user requests and bugs).