Xcom 2!


l33t g1bb0n
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Hmm, I love XCom but I'm getting a bit tired of the "you beat the shit out of them in the first game, so here is a new game following on from where they beat the shit out of you in the first game" approach to sequels.


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agreed, Roch.
i found it especially odd in this one, since it wouldve been so easy to have this game, with the same storyline, follow on from victory in the first game.

instead of the 'twenty years have passed since world leaders offered unconditional surrender to the alien forces and disbanded xcom', it just needed to be 'After the Aliens were defeated in the skies above Brazil, X-com was disbanded by a world government unwilling to finance such a high-costs project, when so much of the world required rebuilding. Too late it was realised that all levels of government had been compromised, and that the aliens had gotten what they wanted all along - but by infiltration rather than invasion.'
it would make just as much sense, and wouldnt require them ignoring the end of the original game!
so when i play, i'm just going to imagine that thats what happened.