Xbox One


With the Benedictine monks.
Massive spec hardware wise
"Disk Free" gaming eg installing on HD a la PC
New Kinect.
Super smooth and quick dashboard with some really nifty features.
Games looks amazing
That's all so far.

It's big, big and bulky looking. Not that impressed at styling.
"Always on" connected to the net 24/7 sitting in standby sucking wattage.
No backwards compatibility with 360 ( although I kinda expected that).
Having to pay a fee to use pre owned games. Now I don't buy pre owned games usually but I know a lot of people who do and this is a killer. For me it's the fact that I can't lend my games to my nephew that annoys me most.

Too early to say what I think of those plans. I'm not going to lie and say I'm not going to get one but I will leave it till this time next year before i do so they can iron out the gremlins.


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I can't see either console has really excited me, but then I struggle to find time to play still on my shiny PC. And like you Kegs the issue is when nieces/nephews/friends come over and bring a game to play and we might have to pay to play it, and that may also stop there game from launching at there home because they played it somewhere else.


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Just want to chill out and play some game on it. Quite why they feel the need to incorporate all the media, TV and Skype etc stuff. And Kineck as standard, ugh..


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Cant really get excited about the looks when it can be compared to this:

I'd prefer something boxy but efficient than "funky".

At the end go the day it's the 'New Microsoft Console'. It will sell shitloads. If you like "Microsoft Console" then buying "New Microsoft Console" is fait acompli. However if in your 'esteemed' opinion they are terrible because of [insert arbitrary reason N] and [company P] are wonderful, then "New [company P] device is far better because of [numerical superiority probably misunderstood]".

Or Monkey.


With the Benedictine monks.
I'll take the monkey option!!

It's actually not as big as I thought. Interesting that it supports 4k gaming and video.


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4k gaming ? What does that mean ?

And the current one does video doesn't it ? was watching sky movies on it last xmas and playing movies off my network drive


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All the games will show at e3, I'm just glad they got all this shit out of the way before hand. It will sell big just because of the call of duty exclusivity. Also it's fugly.


With the Benedictine monks.
4k resolution Gotta, or Ultra HD.

And it doesn't need an always on net connection.


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Lol, it won't support 4K native resolution, even a top end graphics card would die on it's arse trying that :)