Xbox One


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Lol, love it Zed!!!

I had a feeling this would happen tbh. The pure amount of backlash over this was phenomenal!! I still see Sony are still making you pay to play online tho. The Paystation 4�. I'm copywriting that one. :grin:


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Bare in mind with the change, some nice things have been lost like 10 people in your "family" who can play the games you own. Personally I think some of the bits they were bringing were good, they just added some silly stuff to try and scrape more money out of people's pockets.


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I wouldn't trust them not to slip in some DRM for pre-owned discs later on though or even to try and have digital copies only for AAA titles.


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The only game I really play on my PS3 is Buzz, and that gets alot of use after poker nights, the xbox only gets used now at xmas by family, unless PS4 does something like buzz with those kind of controllers I'm happy to skip this generation of consoles, though I do like the xbone's picture in picture stuff, play a game on one side, have live tv on the other and maybe a browser at the bottom, but I'm not paying that much just for that


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IN general it smacs me of the usual horrible PR / MS haters. it was impossible to get any message out once the twat on twitter did the "always online you suck" stuff. Without that they could have hyped up the good bits for WEEKS then slapped in the "once a day internet" thingy.


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Yup fecking tard - 4 yr old kid at 19 though so he'll need the XBone to babysit for him *facepalm*